1985 Ford Crown Victoria



March, 12, 2007 AT 4:30 PM

1985 Ford LTD Crown Vic 5.0. My son just bought this as his first car. He drove it about a week. Then it would not start. My husband said it was not getting a spark. So we changed the battry then bought a ignition coil and still nothing. We checked the fuses still nothing. What do you suggest we do next.


2 Answers



March, 12, 2007 AT 5:50 PM

Is the coil getting power? How are the plugs and wires?



March, 12, 2007 AT 6:33 PM

If you are getting power to the coil. I'am going to say that it is a bad module. The little grey thing on the side of the distributor. You'll need a test light to or volt meter to check power at the coil the red wire should be hoyt with key on. If so you might try another trick before changing module. Pull the plug at the coil and spray some WD-40 into the plug and the contacts sometime they get corrosion in the plug and don't get good connection. Then plug it back in and see if it starts or has spark if not I recommend the module. Also if it is the module you man have to loosen the distributor so you can turn it to get to the two little 7/32 bolts that hold it on so make sure you marke at the base where it is setting so you can move it right back where it was. 8) NOS

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