'96 Ford Aspire will NOT start OR make a sound

  • 1996 FORD ASPIRE
A week ago my '96 Ford aspire clonked out. It wouldnt start actually. It was in the driveway. And it wouldnt start, when I turned the ignition, it wouldnt even make a noise. Well, a few days before, or less, the car was really riding on fumes. So much that I believe the car started to make a new noise. One that I havent heard before. It sounds like its making a "hydrolic" noise now. Ever sense, it hasnt started. So I jump start the car with a battery charger, and it jumps right up. Let it sit on idle for about a half hour, then we went to the store. And We thought it was safe to turn it off by then. But it wouldnt even start. So we get a jump from a good sumaratin, and just as soon as we made it to another store it clonked out right in the parking lot. So I call a cab to get another jump, we go about a block and then it clonks out right on a green light in the intersection. We ended up pushing it out into another parking lot. Very frustrating. So we call chevron Triple A services to take a look at their shop. They put a new battery in it (even though we put a new battery in it just 4 months ago). And they checked the alternator. And cleaned the terminals. Thats all. At least thats all I thought it was. So it rides real nice for about a day and a half. Until today, when I go to turn it on, AGAIN! It wont even make a peep when I turn the ignition. Why is it not making a sound? IT cant be the battery. Im geussing so lose connections hear!> Why does it not make a sound when I turn the ignition, and if I need to jump it to start, why does it clonk out? What do you think is wrong?
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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 12:06 AM

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It could be that it was miss diagnosed.

Some other things to check, make sure the belt is good and tight and it is not worn, if the belt is really loose might consider replacing it, or even the belt tensioner.

You should be able to take the altenator into almost any parts store and they should be able to bench test it for you. If the altenator is testing fine on the bench test.
You might consider checking the fuses inside of the fuse panel inside of the engine compartment, look for a high amp fuse that says bat or alt on it. On some vehicles they have a square plastic fuse that is between 60-120 that controls the high side output of the altenator.

Also make sure the power wires to the back of the altenator is secure and tight, inspect the wires for any bare spots where the coating from the wire could have been worn or chewed off.

If everything tests out fine and you are still having problems, charge up your battery, and for a couple of days, when you shut the car down, pull the power wire to the battery.
If the battery still has enough juice then you have a power drain in the system somewhere.
With what you are describing it would probally be a major part of the system, such maybe the headlights are not getting shut off, dome light staying on ect.
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 AT 11:20 PM

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