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December, 29, 2006 AT 6:52 PM

Hi! 1993 Ford Aerostar, 159415 miles,
I have two problems which may be related: (1) No heat, discovered that vac hose was unattached, did not know where it went so bypassed heater control valve. Do not know where to attach vac hose on engine (2) Was very cold outside, engine would not start, in process of starting, extremely loud bang. Engine eventually starts, but runs extremely rough, finally cuts out, will not restart. Checked, found starter fried, replaced starter, Freeze plug missing directly above starter, assumed all coolant emptied out onto starter. Tried to drive later, would start, but when heated up, would run terrible, and would overheat. When leak was discovered, poured coolant in, WAS coming out immediately below block( via missing freeze plug) which was discovered earlier. Replaced with expansion type plug, drove vehicle approx 4 miles started to overheat. Did not drive.
Noticed coolant leaking again. Now, other side freeze plug gone. Replaced. Started vehicle, let run for approx 15-20, minutes. Overheated to place that it blew freeze plug out. Would not restart immediately afterwards: Vehicle is overheated.
Went out day or two later, started vehicle with no problem, have not been able to drive vehicle.
I have been told to possibly check the temp sensor, thermostat, radiator cap. Radiator and cap is approx 9 -10 months old, thermostat is about 1 year old. What do you think problem is at this point? Any help would surely be appreciated


No Heat


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December, 30, 2006 AT 12:39 PM

The engine on this vehicle is a 4.0 v8, rear wheel drive



December, 30, 2006 AT 1:35 PM

Overheating an engine is probably the worst thing that can happen to a motor, in your case multiple times, I would think that the head gasket is probably blown now in which case we're talking big $$$$ now, unless you're handy with this type of repair, it ain't for the faint of heart. Was the thermostat replaced? Correctly? Could be the water pump impellers are worn down resulting in poor circulation, this has been a problem for some Ford waterpumps. I would check the waterpump first, then move on to the other items, however it's weird that you're losing freeze plugs, usually only ice will push them out, of course they could be corroded to the point where they're just falling out, shouldn't be the type of pressure forming to knock them out. Rad cap should vent pressure. Temp sensor is not an issue right now. You need to get the motor checked for a blown head gasket after you fix the overheat issue, a leakdown test will or not confirm this issue. For anyone reading this DO NOT drive a car with the engine overheating, today's engines, including your 93, are not made of the same materials as the one your father drove, they are very susceptible to engine damage at much lower temps.



December, 30, 2006 AT 5:19 PM

Thanks so much sir for your response. Can't say how much I appreciate it! I may have indicated that I drove the vehicle or tried to drive it in an overheated state. When the vehicle got up to I assume normal operating temp, it overheated and the pressure then blow the plug out.
I replaced the first one that came out with an expansion type plug, and then the second one came out and I replaced it with an expansion type also and the pressure blew the expansion type out.
Additionally, the metal coolant lines that go to the rear heater core one of them had a hole blasted out of the side of it (as if pressure blew it out). I am approaching the end of my rope with this thing!
Before all this started It was running ok until that " fateful morning" after the weather changed. I changed the water pump approx 11 months ago, and the thermostat, & radiator also.
If it can be fixed, I try to do things that are within my limited mechanical ability, but after it gets too deep I try to go with the pros. I was more wondering or hoping it was not time to get out the old 45 and put bessie out of her misery, but that I could do some kind of first aid. Thanks so much again, you're a gentleman and a scholar!


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