1993 Ford Aerostar



January, 24, 2006 AT 12:15 PM

My mom has a 93 Ford Aerostar Van 3.0L. Recently started having starting problems. The Van runs fine and starts fine if it's been sitting for more than 20 minutes or so. If she stops to get gas, when she comes back out to start it. It won't start. I thought it was a problem where it wouldn't start when it was hot, but the other day we started it up. Backed it off the trailer and parked it in the garage.5 min later it wouldn't start? She had it towed before all this to a Ford dealer and they gave her an estimate of $1000. They stated that the ECT, MAF, O2 sensors were all bad. And the spark plugs and wires were possibly bad. I looked all of this up and The parts are a lot cheaper elsewhere. Plus, I do have semi-descent knowledge to auto mechanics which will save her 600 dollars in labor charges. I know where everything is and how to replace all of these parts, but unsure to go ahead and change all of this. Does anyone have an idea? I was wondering if there is a fuel shutoff switch that's linked to the ignition. I thought maybe if that was bad it wasn't shutting off and it's more or less flooding it? Please, if anyone has advice. Please help! Thanks.


I forgot to be more specific about the starting itself. The van cranks over just fine. Battery and alternator are in good condition. To me it seems like a fuel problem, but I could be totally wrong. I hope you can help me.


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Mike Luciuk

February, 2, 2006 AT 4:39 PM

I have experienced these same symptoms with my 89 Aerostar, 3.0L. My problem ended up being a corroded connection on one of the joints in the wiring harness that runs between the ECM and the two multi wire connectors (about 20 wires each) on the fire wall. The joints in question are encased in wrapping and are at either end of a fusible link in the circuit. Not sure which circuit it was part of but I stumbled across it one time when I was 'flexing' that part of the harness, I could hear my fuel pump relay opening and closing. I wired in a new fusible link and have not had the problem since.

Hope this helps.



February, 3, 2006 AT 12:40 PM

Figured out the problem. It ended up being the ECT sensor. Replaced it and it starts like a charm. But now she has a more serious problem. Transmission shifts back in forth from 4th gear to Overdrive while cruising down the highway at any speed. I told her to junk it. This van is cobbled together. The guy they got it from really ripped them off. Thanks for your input though.

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