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  • 1996 FIAT MAREA
Engine Performance problem
1996 Fiat Marea Two Wheel Drive Manual 51000 miles

Hi, ive been to two mechanic workshops, 3 of my guys and no one can tell me whats going on with my car! On a cold start its ok, on a hot start the car turns over then cuts out straight away, its making a whistling sound from underneath it when its been running for 15mins from cold or all the time. Theres sometimes (usually when hot) a loss of power when the car is in the early stages of running when I get it going when hot (the only way to get it started when its hot is to pump like hell rapid as you can with the accelerator untill it looses the kinda rasping sound at about 5-6000 revs). Its been plugged into the ECU tester thing @ the workshop and he found "8 red herrings" and fixed them but said none of those should create the problems being experianced. My raadiator was bled recently and filled back up twice (as the air worked out of the system) and thois was when the problems were becoming as obious so I was wondering if that had anoything to do with it.I was told by one mechanic it was the air meter but went to get one for my car from fiat as no one else had one and they told me its not on the vechical manifest as my car does have one. Any ideas?
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Monday, April 20th, 2009 AT 6:54 AM

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Check fuel pressure is good. Have a cylinder compression test carried out
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Friday, February 26th, 2010 AT 6:25 AM

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