2500 P/U 100,000 MILES

1995 Dodge Truck



June, 25, 2006 AT 4:08 PM

My truck has a code of 54, I can start it and it will run for a while then it will stall and not start again. If I try several hours later it starts. What could the problem be?


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September, 27, 2007 AT 9:03 PM

Is youre truck gas or diesel. If it is gas. Code 54. Is no camshaft position sensor signal from distributor. Problem with the distributor synchronization circuit.



August, 13, 2009 AT 8:48 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to get a reply where someone actually told you something you could use. A real professional reply that was helpful and informative.
I've researched code 54 on almost every forum and every idjit known to man has added their two cents and the answers just make you more frustrated than the engine stalling out.

So far - I have a few possibilities but am still wrestling with the problem.
I've replaced the cam and crank sensor with new ones but it's not unheard of to purchase faulty new sensors. I'm exhausting all possibilities first.

The classic issue is that the drive plate on the torque converter is worn to the point the crank sensor is getting faulty readings.
That may very well be the case for me at 330,000 KM.

Otherwise I've been told to get my PCM retrained.
My 93 Intrepid is OBD1(DRB2). My local dealership doesn't even have the cartridge.

I have a theory that I need to retorque my rocker arms (did head gaskets last year). The lifters are clacking like they're out of oil when it starts up after stalling from the synchro problem. Maybe rocker arms giving slack to camshaft and it's enough movement to throw off sensor?
Doesn't explain the sudden stall while I'm driving along. No clacking then lifters in transit.

With so many people having this problem one would think Dodge would have a ready solution.

All the people claiming a cam or crank sensor fixed it, I sense they're fool of dookey!

Blue book value for my Dodge is $300 and scrap yard will give me $225. Next vehicle has standard transmission, bare basic minnimal electrical and won't be North American made. Wonder why we have to make garbage while the rest of the world IMPROVES on their technology.

Bankrupt is what you get when you screw your customers.

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