1994 Dodge Spirit jerks and shudders under hard accellerati

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 88,885 MILES
My 1994 Dodge Spirit was running great until yesterday. I was at a stop light and noticed that it wasnt going into first gear when I stopped, then when I gave it gas, it shook my whole dash and sounded like my tranny gears were grinding trying to get into first. And now, it does it anytime I give it more than about 30% gas. Any advice on what it is and/or how to fix it would be greatly appriciated! Thank You!
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 AT 1:28 PM

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The 31TH had problems with shifting as it aged. The governor sticking was a big problem, it caused the 3 speed to start out in 2nd gear because it wouldn't downshift. So when coming to a stop from high speeds you could downshift but only to 2nd, no 1st. Also the torque converter had a full mechanical lock-up feature. Sometimes the lock-up would come on at the wrong times. Also it would stick and not release properly. It usually is the first signs of a failure. The differential bearings usually failed causing metal contamination. And the differential had a long chrome plated steel pin that was used to hold the side gears in. The chrome would scrape off and cause metal contamination the same like if a bearing was worn. I am not sure which one is happening if that is what it is. But it was a big problem. You could try this. On the transaxle next to the dipstick tube is a wire connector. That was for the lock-up solenoid. Try dis-connecting it. If the shuddering goes away that was it. Let me know if you think this may have something to do with your problem. Also be sure the fluid is ok, if you drop the oil pan you can inspect the pan for metal. It gathers up on a small magnet. The chrome and aluminum would not stick to it but you could use a light and see the tiny particles that are causing your internal hydraulic valves to stick, especially in the governor valves. Good luck.
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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 AT 10:37 PM

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