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1994 Dodge Shadow 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

How do you remove the antannae base from the fender on a 94 Shadow?
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To perform this operation, a special antenna cap nut (much like a socket wrench), Tool C-4816, is required. On some vehicles the radio must be remove to gain access to the antenna connection. Some vehicles use a two piece cable do not remove the radio, but disconnect the cable at harness connection.

The radio may have to be removed from the car to gain access to the antenna connection. Remove the radio, if necessary. Then, unplug the antenna lead at the radio or harness connection.
Use an open-end wrench of appropriate size across the flats at the bottom of the antenna mast to unscrew the mast from the antenna adapter. Then, remove the mast.
Use the special tool to unscrew the antenna cap nut from the fender. Then, remove the cap nut and the adapter and gasket underneath it.
If access to the antenna body from underneath the fender is blocked by an inner fender shield, remove the 3 screws from the rear of the shield and bend it away to gain access.
Then, remove the antenna lead and body assembly.

To install the antenna, first insert the antenna body and cable through the hole in the fender from underneath. Then, install the gasket, adapter and cap nut. Tighten the cap nut to 10 ft. Lbs. (14 Nm) with the special tool.
Screw the antenna mast into the antenna body. Tighten it with the open-end wrench until its sleeve bottoms on the antenna body.
Route the antenna cable to the radio, connect it to the radio (or harness connection) and then reinstall the radio if necessary. Check the radio for proper operation.
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