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January, 30, 2008 AT 8:31 PM

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1989 Dodge Shadow 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

I recently had the half-shaft on the passenger side replaced because it was making a lot of noise. I was told then that the driver's side could fail at any time. It began to make a noise every once in a while about a week later. Then while pulling out of my parking space, it made a terrible noise and the car stopped moving. I am assuming that the CV joint totally failed and I need to replace the half-shaft. Now my real question is this: When I pushed the car back into place, I noticed that even in park, the car does not hold. My parking space is on a incline, and it would not hold. I had to put blocks behind the back wheels. Is this to be expected when the driver side fails? Or, is there probably a further problem? I think I can replace the half-shaft, but if it is something more expensive than that, then I will probably replace the car. Thanks



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January, 30, 2008 AT 8:40 PM

No its normal the axle holds the front wheels locked together in park. If the axle is broken you have no park. Replace the axle and you will be fine.

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