Whinning noise when wet out.

1997 Doge Ram 1500, 165000 miles. I get a whinning noise that I believe is coming from the engine compartment whenever it is wet out. Sounds like a belt issue but I checked the belt and it looks to be in pretty good shape, after all it was replaced at a jiffy lube not too long ago. Shortly after the engine warms up completely the sound goes away. I'm guessing the moisture evaporates do to engine heat. I have an automatic tensioner for the belt and I am not sure what kind of shape its in. It looks to have a lot of oxidation on it but I have no idea if it is working properly. I get no noise at all unless it is wet out. Any suggestions? Could it be something besides a belt? For example, the bearings in one of the pullys. I have opened up the engine compartment while it was making noise but I cant narrow it down to a specific location, just that it seems to be comming from the belt area. Thought also that it might be the bearings in the fan. Sorry for writting the book here but I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you
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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 AT 5:49 AM

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Look at the belt and see if the white numbers or letters are still on it. If not your tensioner or idler is locking up. I just replaced my tensioner at only 36,872 miles, now two weeks later the idler pully is making a zinging at startup. My daughter bought a kia the same day in 99 when I got my van. I paid $27,000 and she paid $9,999 and has less problems and drives it like it's a street racer. I should have kept my 87 honda with 300,000 plus miles on it. Good luck with your repair. Vandragon
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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 AT 10:57 AM

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