1917 Dodge Ram



February, 18, 2007 AT 2:02 PM

I have a 96 doge ram 1500(V8 318) with 150000 miles. The truck seems to run fine in neutral but when I put it in gear and accelerate it starts jumping and will not get up to speed. It started acting up about a week ago. It would not change gears unless I let completely off of the gas. I changed the transmission filter. When I hook it up to the scanner I get PO171. Can you narrow down my search? I heard people say it's the oxygen sensor or the catylic converter. I also noticed there is a vacuum hose loose on the right side of the motor near the battery and I can't tell where it goes.

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kin chan

February, 18, 2007 AT 3:59 PM

P0171 is an OBD2 system lean code. Not a direct tranny code. Maybe indirectly related to transmission butnot a cpt code. Well 1st thing 1st. Vac leak definitely can cause P0171. Looks at vac diagram and find that hose where it goes to. Reconnect it. Disconnect the -ve battery for 3 minute. Reconnect to clear the code. Chk if it comes back or ont. If it does.I need more info to do deeper diagnostic. As far as catalytic converter and O2 sensor.A skillfull mechanic can read scan live data, scope or 5 gas to determine if it is the offending cpt. Hanging parts to solve a problems is like last 5 sec 0-6 footballgame with a hail mary 50 yd bomb. Totally disagree. Atleast we don't practice shotgun in our shop. Good luck man



February, 19, 2007 AT 12:44 PM

Would a disconnected air hose cause the transmission to act this way. I just remembered one more thing, when it was running good my passing gear would not engage. The rpms would go up but it would not accelerate.

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