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January, 8, 2007 AT 11:00 PM

I drive a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup, 4WD, V8, 5.9L with just under 60,000 miles. I was driving my truck yesterday after having pulled a trailer over the weekend. As I was driving through town without the trailer, the " Check Guages" light flashed on and then turned off quickly. At the same time, my oil pressure guage jumped up substantially (from about 30 psi to 70 psi) though it stayed within the safe limit. I noticed that it also jumped every time I hit the accelerator which caused the needle to move up to just inside the safe line on the high pressure side. It was about time for my oil change, which I take care of religiously, so I went ahead and changed the oil and filter. Now, at idle, the guage needle sits about half way between the center line (40 psi) and the high end safe line (? Psi). Usually it's about half way between the low end safe line and the center. I'm using the same oil type and grade, the weather isn't any colder than it has been in the last couple months. The guages all show I'm still in the safe zone but I'm concerned about the sudden jump in pressure. Any ideas? I'm thinking it could be blockage somewhere, stuck pressure relief valve, bad sending unit or a bad oil pump. Not sure how to take care of a blockage or how to diagnose positively. Thank you for your help!


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January, 13, 2007 AT 2:04 PM

I have a 98 1500 van with the 5.2. My oil pressure dropped to o and my light has come on since birth, I have had the oil pan dropped and the thing was full of sludge. The shop told me that this is common due to the engines inability to breathe. I have checked the EGR system and PCV system. My oil pressure at idle is closer to 20 lbs and at 70 mph pressure is 60 to 70 psi. I have recently found that the intake gasket may have a leak and some oil gets in there and boils to sludge. I am not sure if any of this will help you but I hope so, also if you find anything out please let me know.




January, 13, 2007 AT 11:28 PM

Thank you. That's exactly what it was. I took my truck to the shop to put a mechanical gauge in place of the sending unit to give me a " real" pressure measurement. Turns out the pressue was indeed high. After a little more investigation, we found the intake manifold seal was leaky as well. Replaced the factory seal with a metal seal which was highly recommended. Unfortunately it wasn't a cheap fix as it took about 4.5 hours of labor to get to the intake and put everything back together.

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