1998 Dodge Ram removing rear brake drums

  • 1998 DODGE RAM
Brakes problem
1998 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

After removing rear tire how do you remove the brake drum. Everyone says to back off the springs using the small oblong hole at bottom of back plate. There is not an opening, the cutout is there but it has metal covering. Am I doing something wrong or just missing what I am looking for. Can I just put a puller on the drum and start pulling. Sorry for being a dummy but am at a loss for where to start.
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Park the vehicle on a level surface. Place the transmission in PARK or in gear. Block the wheels.
Release the parking brake fully.
Raise the back of the truck. Remove the wheel.
Remove any clip nuts securing the drum to the studs.
Remove the brake drum. If the drum is stuck, a light-duty puller can be used, but first check that the parking brake has been fully released.
Difficulty may also be caused by brake shoes too tightly adjusted. Some models have a slot in the back of the support plate (protected by a rubber plug) which allows access to the brake adjuster. A thin screwdriver can be used to push the adjuster lever off the star wheel, which can then be turned with a brake-adjusting tool to release the brake shoes. Do NOT use excessive force on the drums. If removal is difficult, investigate possible causes before proceeding.
Installation is the reverse of removal. Be sure to readjust the brakes if the adjuster was moved, or the shoes removed or replaced, or if the drum was turned down. Tighten lug nuts to the proper specification.
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