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Computer problem
1998 Dodge Ram V12 Four Wheel Drive Automatic O miles

I had a local shop install a new V-10 long block,
Had to get a differen't used timing cover because mine had ware around the oil pump. After the job was done they went to fire it up and it wouldn't start. They said it needed a new camshaft sensor, after the new sensor was installed, it still wouldn't fire up. I went down and moved the camshaft sensor just a little while someone was cranking it over and it started. I drove it home 6 miles and shut it off for the night. The next morning I went to move the truck and it wouldn't start. There machanic came to my house and tried to start it and nothing. He kept trying to start it for about 10 min. He hooked up a Snap- On scanner and fired one of the injectors and it blew the muffler apart. He said lets try and move the camshaft sensor again while I crank it. It started, it ram a little doggy for 2 miles than it ran desent. We got it back to the shop and it sat for a couple of days while they tried to figure out what was wrong. They called me and said they where going to take it to a better shop and have it looked at. Three days later the other shop said it needed a new camshaft sensor. They put the new OEM sensor in and it still won't start unless the sensor is moved, they said you don't actually have to move the sensor to get it to stat, just loosen the hold down bolt and retighten it while you are cranking the engine. This new shop says I need to take it to the Dodge dealer.I have asked both shops if the PCM is working right and no one can give me an answer. My old engine had 218,000 miles on it, but it ran good, never failed to start. Now the first shop did put in a new heater core and they removed the complete dash assembely, why, I don't know. I had a completely bare inside firewall. To me, it acts like when we move the camshaft sensor it triggers the PCM to fire the injectors, something it should do on its own. Any Ideas, Thank You, Earl Dodge

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 AT 1:23 AM

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[quote=" Earl Dodge" ]Computer problem
1998 Dodge Ram V12 Four Wheel Drive Automatic O miles

I found out myself what the problem was. The machanic that installed my new long block didn't notice that that the camshaft gears where differen't.I installed the proper gear and the engine fired right up.

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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 AT 1:00 PM

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