1997 Dodge Ram



August, 12, 2010 AT 9:32 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 186061 miles

we towed someone who kept the foot on their brakes the whole time. The radiator blew a hole. We replaced that, and its starts up, but it sounds like a lawn mower and we had a thick cloud of white smoke coming from the exhaust. We were told it could be a head gasket. Any other problems it could be? And about how much should the price be to fix in an auto shop?

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August, 12, 2010 AT 9:52 AM

Head gasket or intake manifold gasket.

Perform a compression test to check head gaskets, if OK, then cooling system pressure test to check the intake.

If head gasket, then you are looking at $1000-$1500.

It is hard to estimate because the head may be warped and you may have to replace the head(s).

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