1994 Dodge Ram ignition lock

  • 1994 DODGE RAM
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 199,000 MILES
How do I replace my ignition lock
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Monday, September 20th, 2010 AT 2:45 PM

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Disconnect the negative battery cable.
If equipped with a tilt column, remove the tilt lever by turning it counterclockwise.
Remove the upper and lower covers from the column.
Remove the ignition switch mounting screws. Use a tamper resistant Torx bit (Snap-On TTXR20A2, or equivalent) to remove the screws.
Pull the switch away from the column. Release the connector locks on the 7 terminal wiring connector, then remove the connector from the ignition switch.
Release the connector lock on the 4 terminal wiring connector, then remove the connector from the ignition switch.
Turn the key to the LOCK position. Using a TTXR20A2, or equivalent, remove the key cylinder retaining screw and bracket.
Rotate the key clockwise to the OFF position. The key cylinder will unseat from the ignition switch. When the key cylinder is unseated, it will be approximately 1 / 8 in. (3mm) away from the ignition switch halo light ring. DO NOT attempt to remove the key cylinder at this time.
With the key cylinder in the unseated position, rotate the key counterclockwise to the LOCK position and remove the key.
Remove the key cylinder from the ignition switch.

To install:

Engage the electrical connectors to the ignition switch and make sure the switch locking tabs are fully seated.
Before attaching the ignition switch to a tilt steering column, the transmission shifter must be in the PARK position. Also the park lock dowel pin and the column lock flag must be properly indexed before installing the switch as follows:
Place the transmission shifter in the PARK position
Place the ignition switch in the LOCK position. The switch is in the lock position when the column lock flag is parallel to the ignition switch terminals.
Position the ignition switch park lock dowel pin so it will engage the steering column park lock slider linkage.
Apply a light coating of grease to the column lock flag and the park lock dowel pin.

Place the ignition switch against the lock housing opening on the steering column. Ensure that the ignition switch park lock dowel pin enters the slot in the park lock slider linkage in the steering column.
Install the retaining bracket and ignition switch mounting screws, then tighten the screws to 22-30 inch lbs. (3-4 Nm).
If the vehicle is equipped with a tilt steering column, install the tilt lever.
With the key cylinder and the ignition switch in the LOCK position, insert the key cylinder into the ignition switch until it bottoms.
Insert the ignition key into the lock cylinder. While pushing the key cylinder in toward the ignition switch, rotate the ignition key until the end of travel.
Install the retaining screw into the bracket and lock cylinder. Tighten the screw to 22-30 inch lbs. (3-4 Nm).
Install the steering column covers, then the tilt lever, if equipped.
Connect the negative battery cable.
Check for proper operation.
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