- 1500 V8

1994 Dodge Ram



May, 26, 2006 AT 10:13 AM

My pickup has 134,120 miles on it. I had the oil changed and my oil pressure started dropping to 0. I can be driving and as long as I turn the OD off, the pressure will stay normal, til I stop at a red light or something. Then it drops to 0 again. If I leave the OD on, the oil pressure will jump up and down for awhile, then drop to 0 and stay there. I took it to the dealer, they said that I had internal engine problems. They never hooked my truck up to anything, nor did they even look at my truck. One said it was because I am a woman. I don't buy what they are saying, I think the oil pump is going out. The sensor is good, the oil level is good. Do you agree or is there something else I should be concerned with? I had no other problems before this to indicate internal problems.


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May, 27, 2006 AT 8:37 PM

3 questions for you one what size engine is it. Two what kind of oil have you been using (what wieght and what brand name) when you get your oil changed and three and please be honest I wont make fun of you I promise how often have you been changing your oil this sounds like an oil sludging problems at the pump screen

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