1984 Dodge Omni


omni man

May, 4, 2009 AT 7:02 PM

Heater problem
1984 Dodge Omni 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

Hi I was wondering if you could tell me why there is antifreeze leaking onto the passenger florboard of my dodge omni. I bought a new heater core and replassed the old one with the new one but when it was all put back together, and I went to go and drive it it was doin the same thing and leaking. I thought then to check the hose but those are fine, I dont know what else to do. Can u please help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated.



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September, 7, 2009 AT 12:35 AM

The heater core has two tubes sticking out of the heater box and the hoses attach there. I am sure you are aware of this, those tubes are part of the heater core. So if there is no leak at those connections and there is no coolant leftover in the heater box then the core you installed is leaking. It happens all the time. Maybe it was never tested or it cracked during shipment or it cracked installing it. If the fluid leaking in is coolant that is the only thing it could be. Unless it is water that is building up in the box because the little rubber drain on the bottom of the box is blocked or missing. Then the air will blow water back in the car if missing or the water will build up and leak if its stopped up in any way and that is it. Good luck though.

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