2000 Dodge Neon water pump

  • 2000 DODGE NEON
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 90,000 MILES
If I have to have a water pump replaced does the engine need to be removed
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Sunday, August 15th, 2010 AT 8:41 PM

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See procedures below:

Water Pump
Raise vehicle on a hoist. Remove right inner splash shield.
Remove accessory drive belts.
Drain cooling system. Refer to Cooling System Draining.
Remove power steering pump attaching bolts and set pump and assembly aside. Power steering lines do not need to be disconnected.
Remove upper and lower torque isolator struts.
Support engine from the bottom and remove right engine mount attaching bolt.
Remove right engine mount bracket.
Remove timing belt and timing belt tensioner. Refer to Engine for procedures.
Remove camshaft sprocket and rear timing belt cover. Refer to Engine for procedures.


Remove water pump attaching screws to engine and remove pump.

Apply Mopar Dielectric Grease to O-ring before installation.


Install new O-ring gasket in water pump body O-ring groove. CAUTION: Make sure O-ring gasket is properly seated in water pump groove before tightening screws. An improperly located O-ring may cause damage to the O-ring, resulting in a coolant leak.
Assemble pump body to block and tighten screws to 12 Nm (105 inch lbs.) . Pressurize cooling system to 15 psi with pressure tester and check water pump shaft seal and O-ring for leaks.
Rotate pump by hand to check for freedom of movement.
Install rear timing belt cover and camshaft sprocket.
Install timing belt tensioner and timing belt. Refer to Engine for procedure.
Install right engine mount bracket. Refer to Engine for procedure.
Install upper and lower torque isolator struts. Refer to Engine for procedure.
Fill cooling system.
Install accessory drive belts.
Perform camshaft and crankshaft timing relearn procedure as follows:
*Connect the DRB scan tool to the data link (diagnostic) connector. This connector is located in the passenger compartment; at the lower edge of instrument panel; near the steering column.
*Turn the ignition switch on and access the "miscellaneous" screen.
*Select "re-learn cam/crank" option and follow directions on DRB screen.

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