1998 Dodge Neon - Code P0743

  • 1998 DODGE NEON
1998 Dodge Neon Sport, 83k mi, 2.0 DOHC with 3sp A/T, cruise, 4-wheel disc brakes, OBDII.

I hit a speed bump, and bent the trans pan, leaked all fluid out while running, engine light came on. I had the pan/gasket/fluid(ATF+4) replaced, light still on (past 3 mos). Since then no cruise control, either. Certified Shop Mech says code reads PO743(the only code), he checked trans operation, sensors, solenoids, etc. Which all came out fine, and tells me that it must be the tranny computer. Dodge dealer mech says the trans has no sep. Computer, and that I should replace the trans($2600). Because of this code, the car automatically fails the emissions test(because the mil light's on). It has been cleared twice by both mechanics, But comes back on as soon as the car is started. No other codes. The only other prob. I've had since then is bad gas mileage, otherwise car runs fine, on the street, expressway, no noises or slipping.

I pulled over and saw fluid coming out under my car, so I shut it off. The tow truck (first mechanic) started it up to check the fluid level, and that's when the light came on. He turned the car off right after checking the fluid level. At the shop they showed me the gaping pan (it was hit in the middle, and somehow bent open), my fluid all came out within seconds, but I didn't drive it and it wasn't running for but a couple minutes.
They can't find a problem with the TCC, so the first mechanic says it's the trans computer. I won't beleive the dealer, who says I need a trans, because my car runs fine and both mechanics already said the trans was mechanically fine, and both say the solenoid checks good.
What can be the problem? What else can cause this code?

Please help, I've had this car since new and it's immaculate, already spent $500 on this problem, but if I don't pass Emmissions Test I'll have my license suspended.
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Thursday, February 1st, 2007 AT 4:36 PM

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