1995 Dodge Intrepid starter

Electrical problem
1995 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 150000 miles

How do you change the starter on a 1995 dodge intrepid. 3.5 liter? Thanks.
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I'm actually working on my '97 Intrepid starter, and I would HOPE that the following information will apply to your '95 car.
1. Apply your parking brake and chock the rear wheels
2. Disconnect the battery terminals (I disconnect both just to be sure ---maybe I'm paranoid, but I make sure neither connector touches any metal until they are both safely away from the battery terminals).
3. Raise the front end and use car stands or sturdy ramps ----don't skimp on these : your life may depend on them.
4. Crawl under the engine area (driver's side) to where the engine block joins the transmission and you'll find the starter/solenoid unit.
5. I found it easier to undo the three mounting bolts first THEN do the electrical connections(the bolts are not particularly accessible, but do-able with a 15mm open-end/ring spanner (top two bolts) and a 15mm "deep" socket (about 2" deep) with socket wrench to get the lowest one (my car had a couple of metal tubes running right next to that bottom bolt, hence the need to use a socket).
6. Once those bolts are off, just wriggling the unit away from the tranny housing will have it almost ready to come out
7. Reposition the unit closer to the front end of the car and you need to unclip the small wire (black plastic connector with a push-down section to release the connector) and the heavy guage cable connected to one of the terminals on the solenoid (1/2" "deep" socket again, and I used a 10" extension and reached it through the plastic guards that separate the engine bay from the wheel well (dirt/water deflectors)
8. Once these two connectors have been separated from the solenoid end, the unit should be able to drop out with some twisting and manoeuvering.

Follow the sequence in reverse order to install the replacement unit --- don't forget the metal gasket/shim that mounts between the tranny housing and the mounting face of the starter where the three bolts mount it.

If your engine bay underside is as messy as mine, invest in a good degreaser for your arms/hands !
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