1998 Dodge Eagle Vision



February, 12, 2009 AT 1:40 PM

1998 Dodge Eagle Vision Automatic 100+ miles

I a 98 5.9 dodge durango. I've went thru 3 new batteries within the past 2 years. I've had an alternator replaced. The AC doesn't work and the heat barely works. After using the heat for an extended period of time the clock/radio begins blinks off and on- then just goes out completely. Everytime the battery has died- the radio would go thru the " cutting off and on" stage before it completely dies. What's wrong w/my truck! I have had 3 mechanics (shops) to look at it and still no luck. I even asked them to check the wiring-they act like they don't what I'm asking (guess cause I'm a woman).


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Don Oliver

February, 12, 2009 AT 2:00 PM

I would look for something added to the vehicle. If you have a trailer hitch, check to see if the wiring is damaged to it. Check for improperly wired radio accesories. If you have aftermarket driving lights you could have a relay grounding. The heat needs more info. Are the heater hoses going to the heater core both hot? Is the engine heating correctly to operating temp? Just because you're a woman, that doesn't mean anything. Men can be just as obtuse as women. Sounds like you might need an electrical shop that specializes in alt, starter and electrical repair. Good luck.



March, 20, 2009 AT 5:05 PM

Do you have a Durango or a Vision? The Vision could have a radio with a 100 percent failure rate. The model number of that one is 56038518 if it's a cassette player. There's a cd player version of it too. They both have three tone controls with yellow leds. If you pull the radio out far enough to read the model number on top, I can suggest a different model that looks exactly the same, but it has one extra button, and it will run the same remote cd changer if you have one.

This should not apply to a '98 Durango.

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