2002 Dodge Durango Bad Brake Job?

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 70,000 MILES
I have a question about some repairs that were done on our Durango. Last June we took it in to a local place because we noticed a lot of shaking and shimmieng when stopping. Everything was inspected and they determined it was the brakes ( what we thought). At the time they did a front brake job and replaced the rotors. Ever since we have noticed a squeaking noise. It squeaks when driving slowly, when you push on the brakes, pretty much all the time there is a squeak. In October of last year we took it back to the place that did the brakes ( the brakes are covered under warranty). They checked it out, the invoice I have said they " cleaned off rotors and pads, noticed the right front caliper was sticking and suggested replacing it. " I don't know anything about cars so I was searching on the internet and read that calipers wouldn't squeak and that if they " went" we would lose the brakes. I have an appt next Monday at a different place and want to have some understanding of the situation. Can anyone tell me if the calipers would cause squeaking. And shouldn't they have noticed that when they originally changed the brakes?
Thanks a bunch. And pardon my lack of repair expertise ;)
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Ok, Here is the deal.

What this place probably didn't do when they replace the brakes is put what is call Anti-Squeal on the backs of the new pads. What this is is a rubbery coating to prevent the squeal. Some times with a new brake job such as you had done the pad and rotor create a vibration that sounds like a squeal or some call a squeak.

The Caliper doesn't sqeak or squeal on its own it is a combination of both that creates the squeal or squeak. Which is a vibration.

As far as the brake caliper if a caliper goes bad or locks up you will only loose braking at the wheel that the caliper has malfunctioned at. You will not loose all your braking.

Now addressing the sticking caliper. I would suggest and if the garage you are going to are on the ball they will recommend replacing both calipers. And I suggest that you do. If they don't say anything about replacing them both mention it to them and see what they say.

Hope this clarifies things. If not don't hesitate to keep asking?'S until you understand.
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