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July, 23, 2007 AT 10:21 AM

I have an 89 Daytona that's running hot, and I suspect the water pump may be dead. I've been told that when the water pump is in need of repair, it makes a noise similar to when a belt needs to be replaced, and my car is making a noise just like that.

The engine is running hot, though when I turn on the heater, I get no heat. I'm guessing this is because no water is circulating. There is water in the rad, but I have to keep refilling it as there is a leak in the general area of the water pump.

I had similar problems when the head gasket needed replacement, but I just got this done 6 months ago.

Does this sound like a problem with the water pump?


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March, 11, 2009 AT 9:13 PM

Hi: Yes it sounds like a water pump. Under the pump there is a seap hole where coolant will leak when the seal or bearing goes bad. That sounds like the problem.




November, 3, 2012 AT 2:44 AM

Excellent, this answers the question I was researching. I have a 88' Daytona, I started to hear what sounded like a bearing or pulley going bad in past couple days, on way home from work today it got louder, the temp gauge went higher than usual (this 2.5L runs cooler than other vehicles I have owned) then it wanted to overheat, I pulled over immediately and seen radiator fluid pouring out on to the ground. From squeezing my head underneath the front corner of the car I seen it was coming from between where the hose connects and the pulley. Towed it to the garage and jacked it up to see a hole in the bottom of the water pump which looked like a fail safe. I was curious if maybe the thermostat had something to do with the overheating and blowout of the water pump. Now it's sounding like the water pump is the culprit. May put thermo in for spits and giggles while I have my tools out. Surprised to find out that the water pump is only $20, a pleasant surprise. If someone happens to read this I am curious, if there is anything I should know about the water pump replacement? Looks simple and easy to get to so I am sure there must be some sort of surprise in store, ha. Any insight is welcomed, thank you.

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