1989 Dodge Daytona speed idle motor not work

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Electrical problem
1989 Dodge Daytona 4 cyl Automatic 90235 miles

"I have a dodge daytona 1989 turbo 2.5. The speed idle sensor not work. When I star the car, the tacomether goes to 2,500 rpm, and does not drop, does not maintain the minimum (1000 rpm or 950 rpm), the car is automatic. The two windings of the 'motor' are 1-4 pins and 2-3 pins and I check the continuity in measure between the pairs of pins and this is OK. The connections are to pins 19-18 and 17-20 respectively of the engine controller 60-way plug I check the continuity to the speed idle motor and this is OK. I clean al the trhotle body. After that I make this the speed idle motor NOT WORK. What I do? I wait your answer thanks!

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 AT 8:22 PM

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Take it off, lay it somewhere you can watch it, turn the key to on and see if it moves at all while it's still connected. It should move forward then come back as it calibrates, however, the engine computer may be telling it to bring the idle up for a reason so first check the fault codes by using the key method. On, off, on, off, on and watch the 'engine' light it flashes codes and 5 flashes and 5 flashes means the end of diagnostics. A code 22 is coolant temperature sensor, a 12 is the battery was disconnected. There are many. You mat find something else is wrong causing this. Try taking the battery negative cable off and waiting a few minutes to reset the computer. The idle speed motor is probably bad, but you may find something else, just to be sure.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 AT 9:58 PM

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