1970 Dodge Dart



November, 23, 2008 AT 2:03 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1970 Dodge Dart V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100k miles

I have a 1970 dart, the basics of the car are as follows. 318 with 360 heads, edlebrock 4bbl, mild cam, 3'' headers breathing threw flowmasters, B an M shift kit and a 4.11 rear. Now the car has been in heated storage most of its life and I just recently moved it outside (into the cold NJ weather) The other day I noticed alittle bit of water on my dipstick, so I pulled the oil fill covers off and theres no water there. I changed the oil and checked it and it was still there on the dipstick. I automatically assumed headgasket, yet my car is running at its usual 150degress, and holding its usual 50-60 pounds of oil pressure. No overheating, no loss of pressure. I poured some bars stop leak in it and now if I leave it outside for the night and pull the dipstick, there will be alittle water on it, if I wipe it off and check it again its just pure oil. Could it be condensation? My uncle is a mechanic and hes telling me not to worry about it, I have put close to 300 miles on it, since I 1st noticed the small amount of water with no problems. There is alittle white smoke but its 20 degress outside and theres always been alittle white smoke cuz of the headers, whats going on? Any advice will be appericated. Thank you

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January, 9, 2009 AT 9:02 PM

When u put the car outside did it just have straght water in it or was there coolant also. It is possible u could have a tiny internal crack allowing a little water to get into the oil pan.



November, 4, 2009 AT 10:46 AM

Inspect your dipstick tube. If you are not getting the water any where else I would agree with your Uncle and not worry about it too much. But I would still look in to it. Check to make sure everything is sealing up and isn't bent, cracked or has any gaps. If you are not burning/losing water/coolant. I have seen dipsticks have condensation on them but no leaks (I'm in WA, we know humid too). Don't really worry about it, at least keep an eye on it.

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