1997 Dodge Dakota



January, 10, 2008 AT 4:12 PM

Computer problem
1997 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 179000 miles

Truck stalled, Checked Fuel pump not running, Repaired bad power wire pinched from the factory under the back edge of the cab. Still no fuel pump operation replaced pump assy, Fuel pump works. No start. Replaced computer and now the truck just starts and dies starts and dies. If I install the old computer and by pass the fuel pump relay and run the pump directly it will stay running and the check engine light is on all the time. Code for evap solinoid comes up Code for evap shows up with either computer. Solinoid works fine and passes all tests. Maybe a bad wire in the management harness HELP Thanks Rick


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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January, 10, 2008 AT 5:27 PM

Hi Rick
FOR the new PCM to work on your truck it has to be flashed and coded for the truck
check relays under hood
fuel pump relay should have power on when 1st key on
check relay if clicking and check if it doing it job by supplying power to the fuel pump
by pass it check if fuel pump work
or mark it and switch it with another one
let me know



November, 11, 2008 AT 11:28 AM

Drove me crazy, sorry for the pun. Installed new battery ends and new battery. Solved the prob. Now I hav another major pproblem with my dodge. Will never own another. Went thru 3 water pumps in 4 years, rebilt tranny, new tranny cooler, new tranny lines, brakes 2 times, new tires, rotors, belts, hoses, 2 batteries, pc brain, door locks screwed up again, distributer cap burnedup, pcv valve, rotary, wires 2 times, plugs 3 times, window probs, back window just blew out while driving : (, gas-up air constantly, now my pulley is locking up on compressor, guess it is the bearing? Who knows? Now I prob need a new compressor, too? Doors interior look like crap. Had to wedge a piece of rubber in control to keep from fallin off, for now. Head-liner is falling down. Painted entire front end w/clearcoat, now rest of truck is cracking and fading away. Oh yea, idler pulley, second one. Using power steering fluid, at least 2 or 3 times a month, leaking. Front seal leaking some on motor. New master cylinder. Very hard to bleed brakes. Lots more, can't remember right now. In a daze and sick from remembering all I have spent on my truck. But IT LOOKS GOOD! Get tons of compliments on body style and color. Oh yea, truck bed cable broke off. Disenchanted and broke in Saint Petersburg. Good luck with your truck. You will need it. Rosemary ps. Remember all of this has taken place in less than 4 years and IT IS A GAS " HOG!&Quot; maybe 10 miles pg, if I am really lucky and have it tuned up and oil changed at least every 3000 miles and only use the mobile 5000 and the best parts and fuel! Ha ! WANT TO BUY MY TRUCK? Make u a real good deal on it, lol

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