1992 Dodge Dakota Transmission lines?

Transmission problem
1992 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 308K miles

I recently replaced my water pump. Soon after I noticed a small but persistant transmission fluid leak from somewhere in the engine comparment. I have not had the time to investigate fully. However I realize how important it is to maintain proper transmission fluid levels. So I kept fluid readily available. Last night, Halloween, I had just topped of the transmission fluid and while starting from a red light my truck would not shift into second gear and smoke appeared from the engine compartment. I pulled over and opened the hood to discover transmission fluid all over the passanger side of the engine compartment. Transmission line break/tear/hole? Would this cause the above reaction? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

Curtis in Colorado
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Sunday, November 1st, 2009 AT 10:53 AM

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Yes, this is the way most of my work comes in when a sudden, high pressure cooling hose or other hydraulic circuit that is under great pressure, opens. Your sense of smell, and diligence may have saved you thousands of dollars, and nothing could make me happier if all it needed was a new cooler line, as any loss of line pressure will cause drive train problems. There are other areas of inspection and the tranmission has to be repaired properly, or a repeat may occur.
It is quite an amazing experience, to look at the mileage your truck has endured, bringing testament to the engineering prowess of American aluminum companys, Chrysler Corp. And the value, that routine maintenance perseveres, you gotta hope for the best as it is usually the drivers side that has the leaking action. Or up front but high speed driving causes it to spread. It looks worse than it is, sometimes. Ok
My advice is to understand that the transmission's cooling system is the hydraulic circuit most exposed to the elements, and in most cases not under the same pressure in Park as in all other gear selections, you know? Be careful please.
It is heat, and not anything electrical that has caused this failure, but we will see. Incredible mileage, I take my hat off to your Dakota, the finest pick-up the world has seen in it's class. OK Mr. Curtis.
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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 AT 8:37 AM

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