2000 Dodge Caravan


Eddy Parker

October, 2, 2006 AT 12:20 PM

In my auto tech class we are working on a 2000 Dodge caravan, 3 L V 6 and the symptoms are. When the vehicle is climbing a hill and kicks into passing gear the AC shuts off as it should but when it enguages the clutch slips and makes a bad squaling sound. It will eventually enguage but it drives you nuts until then. The compressor, clutch, expansion valve and drier are all new. Charged correctly with freon but the problem still presist. Any ideas or solutions would be appriciated. Anyone seen this same problem before?


1 Answer



October, 3, 2006 AT 7:39 AM

You might try to check the belt tension if it is not tight enough or is not running true when the clutch engages the tension will cause the belt to stop which will sqeal Try a bit of belt dressing on the belt and some lithium spray grease or other spray lube at the clutch and behind the clutch pully

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