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September, 5, 2006 AT 8:13 PM

Hi, I hope that you can help. My Caravan (3.3) shows a code that the 6th cyl. Is misfiring. It also pings and pops loudly when it is under load or when I am stepping on it to pass a vehical. I checked the compression on that cyl. It is fine, I replaced that plug and wire, nothing changed. My father thinks that it is backfiring. One more thing, when I go up hills it seems to miss, or chug a little while making this pinging and popping. The sound is getting more frequent. What can I do or check to stop this?



4.2 Pinging


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September, 16, 2006 AT 10:42 PM

What u are decribing is a timing problem. Does ur vehicle have a distrubutor? If so check the timing with a inductive timing light. If it does not have a distrubutor, does it have a timing belt if so the tensioner for the timing belt could be bad and made the belt skip a few teeth.



September, 17, 2006 AT 9:36 PM

A 3.3 has no timing belt or dist. And you forgot to say how many miles is on the van, when the plugs were changed last. The timing chain could be loose if you have lots of miles on it. Or it could be the coil pack is breaking down.



September, 19, 2006 AT 4:26 PM

Your Van has Knock sensor. Check according to service manual. Also Check everything you can, more info will lead to correct diagnosis. If the check engine light does not come on then the problem is within sensor ranges. The 2.4 and 3.0 has a belt with a tensioner the 3.3 and 3.8 has a timing chain and no tensioner. So a streched timing chain can cause this type of problem. Pinging and poping happen when either too high compression and low octane gas are used or predetonation. Low octane causes a cylinder to preignite under high compression. This means you need a high compression engine such as oversized pistons or racing cam or a car that specifies Hi octane only. Since this is not you Van that leaves either the cylinder is misfiring before the valves close (timming issue) or misfire low fuel or low spark. Since you have replaced the spark plug and wire I would look at the timming. Any questions?



November, 11, 2006 AT 10:20 AM

Our 99 Dodge Grand Caravan, 181,000 miles, is doing the same thing and I was wondering if the problem was ever resolved? Our van just had the serpentine belt and spring work done and now it is misfiring/popping and idling very rough. They say it is not related when we bring it back to the shop. Our plugs, etc were done 2 years ago and they are suggesting we get another tune up just to see if that is the problem. They said the plugs are ok in the front but too hard to check in the back? They are not sure what the problem is and want us to pay for a tune-up before we know if that is the issue. After reading this I was wondering if this similar problem was resolved and what the outcome was.



January, 3, 2007 AT 11:11 PM

I am also having the same problem with our 99 grand caravan 3.8 liter. It is getting worse. We just had a tune up about 15000 miles ago and originally thought we might have water in the gas, but after putting gas treatment for 3 tanks full it just keeps getting worse. We have changed the air filter and are getting ready to change the fuel filter. The O2 sensor was going to be my next move if the fuel filter doesn't work. I am trying to go from the cheapest up. I am afraid to take it to the dealer because they lie and rob you blind. We bought this vehicle with 69,000 miles and now have 110,000 miles. In 40,000 miles we have done over 4,000 dollars worth of stuff. I dont' believe I will ever buy another dodge, they are not built for longevity. Anyways. Anyone have any suggestions for this ping or backfire problem?

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