1999 Dodge Caravan Brakeswitch adjustment


Brakes problem
1999 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

replace the brake booster and master cylinder on the van, now the brake light wont go off. I see nothing visible to adjust the switch. How do you adjust the brakeswitch at the brake pedal?

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1. Remove stop lamp switch from its bracket by rotating it approximately 30 in a counter-clockwise direction.
2. Disconnect wiring harness connector from stop lamp switch.
3. Hold stop lamp switch firmly in one hand. Then using other hand, pull outward on the plunger of the stop lamp switch until it has ratcheted out to its fully extended position.
4. Install the stop lamp switch into the bracket using the following procedure. Depress the brake pedal as far down as possible. Then while keeping the brake pedal depressed, install the stop lamp switch into the bracket by aligning index key on switch with slot at top of square hole in mounting bracket. When switch is fully installed in the square hole of the bracket, rotate switch clockwise approximately 30 to lock the switch into the bracket.

Stop Light Switch Location In Vehicle

CAUTION: Do not use excessive force when pulling back on brake pedal to adjust the stop lamp switch. If too much force is used, damage to the vacuum booster, stop lamp switch or striker can result.

5. Connect the wiring harness connector to the stop lamp switch.
6. Gently pull back on brake pedal until the pedal stops moving. This will cause the switch plunger to ratchet backward to the correct position.


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