1998 Dodge Caravan



April, 2, 2007 AT 8:55 AM

I have done a ton of reading here, GREAT SITE!

Anyway, onto the question : o)

I have a 98 caravan, with no cruise control. I've done some research, and can't answer my own question. Here's the deal.

The cover for the power center under the hood was missing when I bought the van, I have since replaced, because when I'd wash it, the powercenter would get wet (no good). Well, according to the other questions on this forum, the cruise, horn and airbag are all on one connection in the steering wheel, correct?

Well, my horn and airbag light are fine. Only the cruise doesn't work.

I can't find anything labeling a fuse as the cruise control fuse, nor a relay for that matter.

In the manual, there isn't a fuse listed for the cruise control (for the fuse box under the dash) and there isn't a fuse or relay listed on the power center cover (under the hood).

So I guess my question is, which fuse and/or relay controls the cruise control?

Thanks for any and all replies!


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April, 2, 2007 AT 3:37 PM

So the problem is, you can't find the fuse? Or the cruise won't work? Or both. Try replacinr the deactivate switch! I think it's on the brake pedal. Possibly on the master cylinder.



April, 2, 2007 AT 3:44 PM

Yeah, both, it doesn't work, and I can't find the fuse or the relay. It's not listed in the manual, or on the cover for the power station under the hood : (

I'll look into that switch! Thanks!

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