1999 Daewoo Lanos



March, 6, 2010 AT 5:43 PM

Engine Performance problem
1999 Daewoo Lanos Front Wheel Drive Automatic

my lanos 99 struggles to accelerate. It used to be just when reaching the higher speeds, but now suffers across the whole range. In top gear it judders as if it is only getting something part of the time. In most of the rest it takes a long time with high revs before changing gear as it struggles to accelerate. Its even started to judder when idle. It had a new battery a couple of months ago, and that seemed to stop the high gear judder, but now its back and worse! Any ideas as to the cause and how we may fix it!


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March, 6, 2010 AT 5:47 PM

Lack of acceleration, chugging, bogging, hesitating etc. Could be caused by one of the following below.

Inspect and test all the following listed below and get back with some results

Oxygen sensor.
Catalytic converter.
Fuel injectors dirty/sticking.
Mass airflow sensor/Airflow meter.
Throttle position sensor.
Manifold absolute pressure sensor.
EGR Valve
Fuel pressure regulator leaking or defective fuel pump.
False air leakage.
Fuel contamination.
Foul/defective spark plugs.
Open spark plug wires.
Ignition coil/Coil packs defective.
Incorrect ignition timing.
Cap and rotor.

Note: If it doesn't apply disregard.

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