Could dented oil pan create motor grinding problem?

  • 1988 CHEVROLET S-10
  • 145,000 MILES
My 145,000+ mileage 1988 Chevy S-10. 4cyl pickup has a grinding noise whenever I drive it and can barely shift into gear to go up small hills, so I had a Transmission serviceman check it. He showed me the very dented oil pan and said it may be interfering with the oil getting to the motor and that I may be ruining it the more I drive. There is a little leak of transmission fluid that he says could be fixed, but if he removes the transmission to remove the oil pan to hammer it out, my expense will be $700+. Will an engine repair or replace solve the grinding problem and return my gear power? The truck had the gear problem in Feb 2012 so it was non-operational until December when I started driving it again and it's getting more grindy and slower.
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have the same problem?
Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 AT 8:57 PM

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It doesn't do you any good that's for sure. It depends on where it's dented as well. Check into getting anew pan and you may need anew pump as well. Check around locally but until you find the grinding problem I wouldn't drive it
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Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 AT 6:20 AM

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