Clicking/knocking sound when foot off accelerator

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I started noticing a clicking sound that sounds similar to a socket wrench whenever I am not accelerating. If I lightly tap the accelerator, it goes away. It doesn't start clicking until I accelerate from 0 up to ~10 MPH and then from there, it always clicks until I am stationary. The frequency is directly correlated to the speed with a less frequent click at slower speeds. The click isn't at random intervals either; if I were to stay at a consistent speed, the clicking would stay at the same tempo (although this is practically impossible because my foot isn't on the accelerator). This happens in reverse and neutral as well. I rotated my wheels about two weeks ago because I was patching a flat, but I don't think this has anything to do with that since it's dependent on my acceleration. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

I've read that it may be the CV joint, but this seems unlikely because it's clicking when going straight, not turning.

I'm not much of a car person, but I do know the basics. That being said, if you could explain in a bit more detail than normal, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Monday, December 6th, 2021 AT 11:24 AM

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Is the sound loud enough for you to record and upload for me to hear? If so, could you do that so I can hear it?

Next, did this happen since you had the tire off for repair? Is the wheel tight? Does it change pitch or anything when turning?

When you indicated removing the wheel, the first thought I had was the wheel may have caught the backing plate behind the brake rotor and caused it to bend and touch slightly.

As far as a CV joint, clicking is most common when turning, as I believe you already know. Check to make sure the rubber boot on both the inner and outer portion of the axle is not cracked or leaking.

Let me know as much as you can.

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Monday, December 6th, 2021 AT 6:59 PM

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