Engine surging, losing power and shutting off

  • 2005 HONDA CIVIC
  • 4 CYL
  • 177,000 MILES
My car is tripping. It's a standard transmission. It surges or purges as soon as it starts it also shuts off but will turn back over. I have changed the alternator. It seems like it's losing power the more you push on the accelerator the less it won't go. It seems like it's cutting out every time I try and shift gears. The emission control light comes on and then the battery light comes on sometimes they will go off one minute it's just the emission control light then it goes off and the battery light comes on. I don't know what the heck it is. Tried hooking it up to the code reader and will not read a code. Need help ASAP got kids and seems dangerous to drive.
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Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 AT 6:09 AM

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It sounds like you might have a problem with the fuel delivery system. Your description that the more you push the accelerator the less power it makes points towards a fuel supply restriction of possible faulty fuel pump.

Here is a video on how to test the fuel pump pressure please see below link:


The fuel pressure values are 270-320 kPa, 2.8-3.3 kgf/sq.cm, 40-47 PSI.

How to replace fuel pump:


Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter should be replaced whenever the fuel pressure drops below the specified value (270-320 kPa, 2.8-3.3 kgf/sq.cm, 40-47 PSI) after making sure that the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator are okay.

1. Remove the fuel tank unit.
2. Remove the fuel filter set (A).
3. Install the part in the reverse order of removal with a new base gasket (D), locknut and new O-rings (E), then check these items:
- When connecting the wire harness, make sure the connection is secure and the terminal (B) is firmly locked into place.
- When installing the fuel gauge sending unit (C), make sure the connection is secure and the connector is firmly locked into place. Be careful not to bend or twist it excessively.

For location of fuel pump/filter please see below images.

Please let us know how you get along.

Cheers, Boris

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Friday, April 23rd, 2021 AT 6:29 AM

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