Chrysler Town & Country 1998, 62,000

I have a Chrysler Town and country 1998. This is now happened five times but the Chrysler mechanics cannot seem to find the problem.

Once I would crank up the engine the car will go dead as if there is no battery. By cranking few times the instrument light would go wild and then dead. Then sometimes it will start. Last time this happened the car would keep making cut cut cut cut sound even when I took the keys out. After I disconnected the battery and put it back on - the cut cut cut sound stopped and car would start. The battery is new.

Twice the AC and circulation button would keep flashing and was reset by the dealership for $ 139 each time. Rip off.

Once I take the car to the Chrysler mechanic the car would start and they don't know what to fix. Here I am stuck in a parking lot with the car not cranking up and require towing.

The Chrysler mechanic told me next time it happens do not disconnect the battery as the information stored in the computer is lost. Once I took the car without disconnecting the battery and still they could not find the problem.

This is crazy. Can you please help?

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have the same problem?
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 AT 12:17 AM

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If anti-theft, it could be in the ignition/key Circuit. I've seen this. If everything dies, as if no power at all, I would rule out fuel, tune up, bad gas, plugged catalyst, or emission components. Computer could even fail intermittently.
If you have a coded ignition and a spare coded key, try the spare key.

Prior to disconnecting battery, get any Chrysler codes by turning the key on and off three times then leaving on. (Not engaging starter). MIL indicator light will flash. Long flashes are 10, 20, 30, etc. Short flashes are the following single digit. If more than one code, there will be a pause between these flashes.
Example: Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash. Equals code 23.
Write these down and code definitions are available online. Helpful if no proprietary scanner is available, for, even some OBDII generic codes will not set, although there may be code(s) in the built in code check. Instrument Cluster could be bad as well.
If the battery is disconnected, you will lose the KAM/memory codes. Some codes will reset themselves when intermittent problem no longer occurs. KAM memory would have this info.
Hopefully it sets a code. And the battery is not disconnected.
Good Luck.
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Friday, March 16th, 2007 AT 1:07 AM

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