2003 Chrysler Town and Country oil pan gasket leak or trans

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 60,181 MILES
Please forgive me! I am an admitted car ignoramus! (Not difficult for a woman! Lol) However, my gut instinct can foretell when things are not going to go right.
I own a 2003 T & C Limited ( has 1.5 months left for his 7th birthday and now 60 K miles). 20+ days ago, I found quite a bit of drops of 'red-ish' color oil on the floor of my garage almost directly under where the front seats are positioned. I took it to my local town mechanic who had done my brakes a year back, he was kind to inspect the car and told me it looked like the "oil pan gasket would need a replacement'" being that my car had only 59.5k miles, he asked, if I perhaps had an extended warranty (I do! 7/70kmiles! ) And so he said it probably would be cover under that, and then added it was best to take it to the dealer, so to make use of the warranty (saving me quite a bit of $ he said, obviously mechanics like him be hard to find this days! ) So to the Dealer about an hour away, I went the next day. They of course told me this years prophecies and the next too!
and said the car needed a full inspection and a $635 - 60miles tune up!. I said "my car needs an oil pan gasket replaced and is cover under the warranty with $0 deductible and car rental if you need to keep it longer than a day, which you probably would " ( I had called Chrysler for verification prior to that) they took the car inspected and came back with the same diagnose, told me they needed to order the part and bring the car back, that was 15 days before they called me with the part in store, I took the car the night before as my original guy (town mechanic), had said it was best to do it when the car is cold, as the seal needs to set and needed 4hrs or so before driving to seal it well. The next (yesterday) morning 2 hrs after the dealer opened, I was called and told the car was ready. Later in the day, I went to the cashier and had to pay $132 ($?) For what they said was:

"the Fuel Induction/throttle body service /perform fuel injection service labor $94.38 + cleaner fuel $ 35.57+ taxes $ 132.88

Plus the repair need of a Trans solonoid leak, remove cooler lines and input sensor, remove solonoid assy. And replace, refit sensor and cooler hoses, refill w/ATF4 - 1QT. Quick learn TCM, road test and final exam".

Is that above.(In mechanics language?) The same as replacing the gasket in an oil pan?

( dealer originally try to sell me a complete flush and oil change with the repair, but when I said doesn't the oil still needs to be changed for the covered oil pan guaranteed repair? -He said yes, but only up to 5 QT and you will need 13 QT for a total oil change.I just watched your oil change video.I know they are trying hard to rip me off) regardless, in this invoice it only talk about 1QT added so where are the other 3 or 12 needed, as they said.

so what is a solonoid leak?
and how do I check, that what they say they did, was in fact done?
or that what I needed repair still not done?
I had asked that parts be kept for me but they did not give me any. Should had they be any after any of this things?

I hate to have to drive back and forth 2 hrs to have my 'original guy verify the work" and honestly, I feel he has done enough with me taking his time and he not getting to do the work nor one cent ! ( Because he refused to accept even a tip for what he did last time!)

Please help as I need to take the next step the warranty expires at 70/7 years which is MARCH 30/2010! An the car still is 60,185 miles
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Thursday, February 25th, 2010 AT 3:11 AM

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They have nothing to do with the trans pan leak. Did you authorize them to do the repairs? If not, refuse to pay them. Also, the items they replaced should fall under the powertrain warranty. Finally, where I live, it is a law that we provide or at least offer the old parts back to the customer. So as far as I'm concerned, they owe you them. If they can't supply them, stop payment or contact the chrysler rep for your area. The number should be in your owner's manual.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 AT 7:26 AM

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