Turned key to restart and nothing. No crank no click nothing?

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 85,000 MILES
Before we begin I’m NOT a car guy, just handy with common sense. Have an 03 Chrysler T&C 3.3l Flex fuel. Driving down the road it shut off. NOT STALLS. Shuts off, like someone turned the key. Turned key to restart and nothing. No crank no click nothing, but have power to all instument panel, head lights horn ect. Then turn edkey again it started instantly, like nothing was wrong. I did the engine code check with the key on-off process. Got the typical code, 1684 ect. Nothing that got me excited. Once I got it started I went to one garage with reader and got an 0700 code (Tranny code). An hour later at a friends shop I got a speed sensor code but 0700 code was gone. Something (I forget now) lead me to a crankshaft sensor problem so I changed the crankshaft sensor. It started then quit a few minutes later. Got it restarted and it ran but when I shut it off it wouldn’t start again. Now when I try to turn the key on and off for the engine codes it will not do anything. It won’t go into the process of reading the codes.
FYI Before I did any parts replacement I hot wired positive side of battery to starter relay to see if both the starter and the relay were working. The starter will engage and turn the engine over but it won’t start I’m guessing because there is no spark. Like I said when I turn the key to the start position there is nothing. No crank, no click, nothing but all the panel lights turn on as do the headlights wipers horn ect. I have power but SOMETHING is stopping the power from getting to the starter and plugs. Note on the crankshaft sensor I installed. I did not receive any kind of spacer or paper with the new sensor and it was not an original mopar part. From what I have read I should have had a “spacer“ and that most aftermarket knockoff parts will fail after a short time. Is this true? The sensor I replaced has same numbers molded into the body on it as the one I took out. Perhaps this has been replaced before. Also didn’t know if I needed to tork sensor to certain footpounds. After the Crankshaft sensor didn't work I installed a rebuilt PCM. After I installed the new PCM I tried to start the van. But it did the exact same thing as before. Lights come on but no crank, no click nothing and if I tried to get it to read codes (even tho I knew none would be there I figured it would at least show “done“) it wouldn’t do anything. So I’m back at square one. New original Chrysler crank sensor with a spacer? Or what?
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Thursday, August 27th, 2009 AT 9:41 AM

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Hello, did you check all voltage feed circuits at the starter relay? The feed for the load side of relay, is hot all the time. The feed circuit for the coil side of relay, goes hot with the key in start position, that feed comes from the ignition switch. If no feed on that circuit, I'd have to check feed to and from the ignition switch.
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Monday, August 31st, 2020 AT 1:14 PM

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