1997 Chrysler Town and Country



October, 30, 2010 AT 9:36 PM

Air Conditioning problem
1997 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150125 miles

Dear Expert,
I have two real problems with my 1997 Chrysler Van Town & Country and I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can help:
Problem#1 : The Leak detection pump (LDP) keeps failing – The LDP has been replaced 4 times by a Chrysler dealer in my city – Petaluma in California. Each time a LDP failed about a week after a new one was replaced ( the dealer keep replacing the LDP pump switch because The dealer already run various tests with the emission system - Even they used a " smoker machine" to locate the open hoses but couldn’t find anything wrong!).
Problem#2: I kept driving the car for about six month with a faulty LDP ( of course, with the “Check engine light ON" ) and now there is another problem : the LEDs of the air-conditioner and air circulation switches keep flashing. I used an OBD2 ( innova 3140) to scan for problems : No DTC (Diagnostic trouble code( DTC) was detected but the yellow LED of the scan tool is ON – according to scan tool manual, this means “some of the vehicle’s emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing. My questions are:
1-Are the two problems related?
2-what to look for problems in the emission system.
3-If the problem#2 involved with A/C climate control, How do I run a self-test to read an error code?
Thank you Very much in advance,

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October, 31, 2010 AT 3:32 AM

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the donation.

What was the trouble code for the LDP malfunction?
Is your engine 3.3 or 3.8 L?

When CEL is indicating, trouble codes would be stored and if none are found with a scanner, the most likely cause would be a faulty PCM.

For HVAC testing, I have sent you the diagnostic procedures. Let me know what you find. OBD-II scanner would not read the HVAC trouble codes.

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