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Brakes problem
2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 37000 miles

thank you for taking my questions. Need to know how to replace front pads and rear shoes on 2004 pt cruiser. Also are there any special instructions or tools needed. What are the best type of pads to use? Ceramic or semi-metalic

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 AT 7:52 AM

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Removal (Front - PT Cruiser)
Raise the vehicle.
Remove the front tire and wheel assembly.
Remove front caliper from the adapter
Remove the brake shoes from the disc brake caliper adapter.

Installation (Front - PT Cruiser)

NOTE:Inboard brake shoes are not identical side-to-side. This is due to placement of the audible wear indicator on the end of each inboard shoe. Make sure that the audible wear indicators are placed toward the top when the inboard shoes are installed on each side of the vehicle.

Place the brake shoes in the abutment shims clipped into the disc brake caliper adapter.
Place the shoe with the wear indicator attaches to the inboard side.
Completely retract the caliper piston back into the bore of the caliper.
Install the disc brake caliper over the brake shoes on the brake caliper adapter.
Install the tire and wheel assembly.
Lower the vehicle.
Pump the brake pedal several times before moving the vehicle to set the brake shoes to the brake rotor.
Check and adjust the brake fluid level as necessary.
Road test the vehicle and make several stops to wear off any foreign material on the brakes and to seat the brake shoes.


Raise the vehicle.
Remove both rear tire and wheel assemblies from the vehicle.
Remove the brake drum retaining clips (if equipped).
Remove the brake drum.
Remove the automatic adjustment lever-to-brake shoe spring.
Remove the automatic adjustment lever from the brake shoe.
Remove the hold down clips and pins attaching the leading and trailing brake shoes to the brake support plate.
Remove the lower brake shoe-to-anchor plate return spring.
Remove the parking brake lever pin-to-brake shoe retaining clip.
Remove the leading and trailing brake shoes, upper return spring and automatic adjuster screw from the brake support plate as an assembly. Disassemble the shoes completely once on the bench.



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