2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser


September, 26, 2010 AT 9:32 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 240200 miles

Engine light is on, computer diagnosis indicates EGR Flow Insufficient. Looking for detailed instructions on how to remove and clean/replace EGR valve and hose.


Egr Valve


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September, 26, 2010 AT 9:47 AM

If the EGR system operates incorrectly, replace the entire EGR valve and transducer together. The EGR valve and electrical transducer are calibrated together.

Remove the air cleaner lid, disconnect the inlet air temperature sensor and makeup air hose.
Remove the negative battery cable.

Fig.5 EGR Tube At Intake Manifold

Loosen the bolts at the intake manifold
Remove EGR tube bolts at EGR Valve.

Fig.6 EGR Transducer Bracket

Fig.7 EGR Transducer Bracket

Unclip EGR transducer bracket, and remove from bracket.

Fig.8 Vacuum Hose

Disconnect the vacuum supply hose to EGR transducer solenoid.

Fig.9 Electrical Connector

Unlock the connector then disconnect the electrical connector from solenoid.
Remove the 2 bolt at EGR valve to cylinder head. Remove EGR valve and transducer.
Clean gasket surfaces. Discard old gaskets. If necessary, clean EGR passages.

Connect vacuum supply tube to solenoid.
Attach electrical connector to solenoid.
Install EGR transducer into the bracket and snap closed.
Loosely install EGR valve with new gaskets.
Finger tighten EGR tube fasteners.
Tighten EGR valve mounting screws to 22 N.m (195 in. lbs.) torque.
Tighten EGR tube fasteners to 11 N.m (97 in. lbs.) torque.

NOTE: Make sure that the hoses are routed away from the hot EGR tube and Valve and clipped.

Install the negative battery cable.
Install the air cleaner lid, connect the inlet air temperature sensor and makeup air hose.

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