2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 2001 PT Cruiser and yesterday (12/31/09) the battery light came and would not go off, I then took the car to Walmart to get a new battery, however along the way to Walmart the Malfunction Indicator Light and the ABS light came on and would not go off.

Once I had the battery replaced the battery light and the Malfunction Light would not go off. I was told by Walmart it was probably the Alternator or the Starter?

In the owners manuel there were a few suggestions as to reset the Malfunction Indicator Light, as I was driving the car today the Malfunction Indicator Light and the battery light would not go off and the ABS light came on, however this light (ABS) did go off.

Can I fix this problem myself?

Thank you Lisa Pie
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Friday, January 1st, 2010 AT 1:57 PM

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Hey Lisa,

Whenever your computer (including the ABS computer) detects a problem in any of your vehicle's systems, it illuminates the MIL, ABS, and other lights on your dash to alert you that it wants to tell you something. This is done in the form of a "Diagnostic Trouble Code".

So when your check engine (MIL) light comes on, the first thing to do is have the computer scanned. AutoZone and other major parts stores will do this for free, as well as provide you with definitions. If however, their scanner isn't capable of reading the necessary information, then you'll have to take your car to a shop that has a "Chrysler" scanner.

And depending on what you computer has to say, sure you could do it yourself to save some money. But keep in mind, just because the computer says there's a problem in a certain area (O2 sensor for example), that doesn't mean to just replace that part.

Because there's always a reason behind "why" there's a problem whith a specific part or in a specific area. If you change the part without solving the underlying cause, the new part will experience the same problem.

If it's something simple, go ahead and grab a ratchet and socket set. But if it requires a thorough diagnosis, you should take it to a qualified mechanic.

I hope I've helped you. If so, please take the time to vote for me and give a little feedback, as my reputation pays my bills. Thanx, Ernest.
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