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I've got a 89 chrysler non turbo daytona and I want to put a 2.2 stage 1 turbo engine from a 88 plymouth voyager van in it. I got the engine with all the wiring, I was told I need the computer but im not sure if I can use the one from the van or if I should go to the junk yard and get one from a turbo daytona. From what I can tell I also need a different throttle cable, would the one from the van work or does it need to be from a daytona also. I also need to know if my fuel pump is good enough for the stage one turbo. Also my rack and pinion steering is shot and im thinking of upgrading it, would the shelby daytona have a better one or maybe something out of a different car, what would be my best option. I'd appreciate any time you can spare to answer these questions when ever it's convenient for you.
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Saturday, July 4th, 2009 AT 5:25 AM

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We only recommend direct fit replacement parts. As far as the engine, yes it can be done. You will need many modifications to the present vehicle. As far as the computer, the one from the van should run the engine, but I don't know what other differences there are between the two vehicles.

If you need to replace the rack, the daytonas are all the same that year.
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