1999 Chrysler LHS doesnt wanna start like its flooding out

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 125,000 MILES
My car did this befor when it gets real cold out it turns over but almost like its floodin out
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have the same problem?
Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 AT 1:46 PM

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There are a few different causes to your problem, and no way for me to diagnose your issue with 100% accuracy.

Now having said that, your's is a classic case of a leaking/stuck fuel pressure regulator.

Your FPR is designed to not only regulate fuel pressure to the injectors, but also to hold fuel pressure steady when your engine is turned odd. This is so your injectors have fuel pressure on hand when you turn your ignition key. But when the FPR leaks this fuel back to the tank, you have to crank your car several times to get the fuel back from the tank to your engine.

Why this seems to happen only when it's cold is because the low temps holds the diaphram/needle and seat open, allowing your fuel to bleed back to the tank.

Your FPR can also leak the fuel through the diapram and into the intake manifold. But because your simptoms only appear in cold weather, I don't suspect that as an issue.

You can check this by removing the vacuum line that's connected to your FPR. If there's any sign of fuel, it's leaking into the manifold. If not, install a pressure gauge then turn your ignition key on/engine off. Pressure should be 39-45 PSI and hold steady over a period of 15 minutes.

If it bleeds off, pinch off the return line that leads back to your fuel tank. (It's usually of a smaller diameter than the feed line) Then turn your key off and back on/engine off. If the pressure holds this time over that same period of 15 minutes, then you have a leaking FPR.

If everything checks out, you'll need further diagnoses. Like I said before, there's other possible causes. Write back in and I'll help you track down your gremlins.

If I've helped you, please take the time to vote for me, as my reputation pays my bills. Thanx, Ernest.
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Thursday, February 11th, 2010 AT 8:24 AM

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