1995 Chrysler LHS Timing

Engine Performance problem
1995 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I was driving my car one day and it just shut down on me, I thought it was that I ran out of gas but I put more it there and it still would no start it does turn over wen you turn the key but it just will not start, it did one time we were trying but it shut right back off, it did run out of gas 3 timies b4, I tried using starter fluid it still would not start I was wondering could it possibly be that my timing jumped. Will it still crank if you timing is off?
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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 AT 8:40 PM

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First of all, using starting fluid on a fuel injected car is a no, no.

The reason being, your computer can only account for fuel being fed to your engine through the injectors. And any additional fuel will make your engine run overly rich, if for only a brief few seconds. This can cause some damage to your cylinders, O2 sensors and catalytic converter. Also, your intake isn't designed to flow fuel (Fuel is injected at the backs of the valves and directly into the cylinders), and by squirting starting fluid in the intake, you could cause a backfire, which may destroy your mass airflow sensor.

Now, your engine will still crank if your timing is off. (Ignition or valve timing)

But the first things to check when you have a "No start" issue is spark. Then if you have spark, you check fuel pressure. If you have fuel pressure, you then check that your injectors are firing. If your injectors are firing, you then check for compression. If you have no compression, then you know there's a mechanical issue with your engine, and a tear down is in order.

At any point in this testing procedure you run into a problem, then you've found the offending system and you work your way through that system until you isolate the cause.

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