2002 Chrysler Concorde



November, 19, 2009 AT 7:04 PM

Electrical problem
2002 Chrysler Concorde 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

I have a head unit with the cassette and am/fm radio, below it is a cd changer. I removed the head unit to see if I will need brackets to install an aftermarket head unit I have. Upon putting the original head unit back in the car the radio will not come on, I get the clock to display and the cd will power up. When I start the car the the clock goes out and the radio does not play. (It doesn't play with car off either) I have already tried disconnecting the battery. I have checked the fuse for the radio and I have checked to make sure the connectors are in tight in the head unit. Help! What am I missing here? All I did was take the radio out and put it back in, the local dealer was of no help.


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Ernest Clark

January, 11, 2010 AT 9:29 PM

I'm not absolutely sure, so don't put too much stock in my opinions or suggestions.

Other than unplugging the connector, did you cut ANY wires? And are you SURE you reconnected all of the plugs. (There should be two)

If so, then check the fuses that are in-line with the power wires exiting the back of your radio (if your radio has them), and check that you have a good ground.

If all of that checks out, then it's possible you've accidentally created a voltage spike that fried your radio.

Hopefully, someone with more experience on this subject will read your post and be of more help. SORRY!



January, 13, 2010 AT 3:41 AM

Check the model number. If it is 56038518, they have a 100 percent failure rate of the microprocessor built by North American Philips (NAP), the same people who make the really miserable Magnavox and Sylvania tvs. There is a list of many problems they can develop, and they can be intermittent. It is very common for the problems to show up after disconnecting the battery or radio connector. There are " reset" circuits that place the microprocessor circuits to their starting points when power is reapplied.

A lot of people blame the mechanic when this happens during other service work. Welcome to their world.

There is a different model made by Mitsubishi that looks the same, mounts and plugs in the same, and runs the same cd changer. It has the same three lighted tone controls but has one extra button in the lower right corner for " Scan". As near as I can tell, these were only used in the Neons.

If this doesn't sound like your radio, or if it is not the model number I mentioned, be sure BOTH fuses are good. One turns it on with the ignition switch, and one is for station preset / clock memory.


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