2000 Chrysler Cirrus



June, 20, 2008 AT 12:01 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Chrysler Cirrus 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125500 miles

I just got this car from a guy online about 4 weeks ago. I went to get an oil change so I could start fresh and I had to get the transmission fluid replaced because it was leaking. Then by the end of the week the check engine light came on diag came up as the IAC Valve and the TPS(Throttle Postioning Sensor). That was fixed so in another week it came back on I went to the dealership and got another diag and it was the Catalytic Converter. So I fixed that now the light is on AGAIN and its the O2 sensor which is brand new (according to the previous owners). Can there possibly be something else that keeps sending these codes?


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June, 20, 2008 AT 12:30 PM

The convertor could have been wrecked from the tps error puttin too much raw fuel in the convertor, causing the convertor to go bad.

The o2 sensor could also be bad which caused the convertor to go bad.

What o2 sensor is bad sensor 1 or sensor 2?



June, 20, 2008 AT 1:37 PM

On the diag he just said the o2 sensor is the code comin up he didnt say if its one or both.

They are reading the same which is what the problem is. There was no difference made to which is giving the bad reading



June, 20, 2008 AT 8:17 PM

Uhh waht?

Are you saying both are showing the same wavelengths on a scan tooL? If so that will throw a engine light for the second o2 sensor, either it is bad or the catalytic convertor is not functioning properly.

Could even be the first o2 sensor, but compare what htey are both supposed to look like on a scan tool, shoudl tell you whats going on.

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