1999 Chevrolet Venture



April, 14, 2010 AT 6:42 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Chevy Venture 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 187451 miles

when repairing a head gasket do I set the number one piston up before putting on the head

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Dave H

April, 16, 2010 AT 3:42 AM

You should not have to reset #1 piston?


NOTE: Place valve train parts in a rack to ensure installation in same location from which they were removed. Intake push rod are 5.68" (144.18 mm) long, and exhaust push rods are 6.0" (152.51 mm) long. If only removing rocker arms and push rods, do not remove lower intake manifold.

Disconnect negative battery cable. Raise and support vehicle. Drain cooling system. Drain engine oil. Lower vehicle. Remove upper intake manifold. See UPPER INTAKE MANIFOLD. Remove lower intake manifold. See LOWER INTAKE MANIFOLD.
Mark position of rocker arms and push rods. Remove rocker arm bolts. Remove rocker arms and push rods. Remove exhaust crossover pipe. Remove right engine mount strut bracket. Remove oil level indicator tube. Remove spark plug wires.
Remove spark plugs. Remove exhaust manifold. See EXHAUST MANIFOLDS. Remove cylinder head retaining bolts in reverse order. Remove cylinder head and gasket.

If warpage of cylinder head gasket surface exceeds.005" (.127 mm), machine surface. See CYLINDER HEAD table under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. DO NOT remove more than.010" (.25 mm) of material from original surface.

Clean cylinder head bolt threads and cylinder block holes. Install new head gasket, make sure THIS SIDE UP marking faces up.
Install cylinder head. Install head bolts and tighten in sequence to specification. See Fig. 5. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure.

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