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December, 15, 2006 AT 8:49 AM

Last night on my way home I ran out of gas. My truck is a 2001 Chevrolet Crew Cab Dually, 4x4, with a Vortec 8100 (RPO L18) engine. 58,000 miles.

I'm in a wheelchair, and rolled back and forth to a gas station more than a few times, now have 12 gallons of fuel in it, and it still will not start. A friend towed me home when he got of work, put the battery charger on it at 2 amps overnight ( since I ran down the battery with multiple attempted starts )

This morning, still no dice, fuel take shows almost 1/4 a tank.I think my truck has 2 filters, one under the frame on in engine compartment. I think I hear what would be my fuel pump come on when I turn the key in the iginition.

And and all help would be greatly appreciated. Fixed budget, would cringe at the idea of a dealer solution. Ideas, diagrams, places to check, look. Thx alot.


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December, 15, 2006 AT 10:50 AM

There should be a schrader valve on the fuel rail, have someone check it for pressure there. Might have alot of air in it?Be sure the pump is running, they dont like to be run without fuel.



December, 15, 2006 AT 11:07 AM

You may perform a fuel pressure test or

if you have an electric fuel pump: 1- with the ignintion off all accessories, such as the radiator and blower.
2- Turn on the ignition and listen for a whinig noise.
If the pump whines, it working because it's rare to find an electric pump that's operating but not producing the required pressure
3- if the pump is working, the problem is probably somwhere else.
Check the tank, filter, pressure regulator or lines for blockages
4-if the pump isn't working, bypass the circuit using a jumper wire to connect the power wire of the pump to battery voltage. If the pump works after you attach the jumper wire, the problem is most likely in the wiring between the battery and the pump.
5- if the pump still doesn't start, try tapping it with a screwdriver handle, while this may temporally loosen a stuck pump, it isn't a permanent repaire. The pump still need to be replace.

Let me know what happen.




December, 15, 2006 AT 11:52 AM

Well. Last night I heard the fuel pump. Today I don't. So main things are fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, schrader valve with air in it, clogged fuel filters due to running it dry. Wouldn't happen to have a diagram on dropping and replacing a fuel pump on this truck would ya? I knew I was low on gas, and should have stopped, just in the habit of filling up at a Randalls where I live for the 10 cent discount, and now I am paying for my stupidity.

Rather we work this out or not I appreciate your comments and attempts to help, this stubborn old Marine sometimes has to learn the hard way lol.



December, 27, 2006 AT 12:13 AM

Ok, former Wheelchair bound Marines working kinda slow. : ) Buttttt. I have the fuel tank off the truck. Driver side jacked up about 14", on 4 ton Jacks with 2x12's under the tires in front and back. I have the new fuel pump, looks like a quarter turn locking type of thing, where I tap on it. Pull old out put old in.

When I was taking it down, 2 OhOh's. 1st one the grounding strap broke, which I think is probably a very easy fix.

Secondly, there was a plastic box infront of the gas tank. Had hoses running thru it. The one that ran from the tank to it creased real bad and I know it needs replaced. Looks like plastic pvc but I can't find a part number.

Do I make one? Go to an auto part store buy gas line rated rubber hose and clamps?

Also. Since I have the whole tank out from under the truck, is there a good way to kinda rinse it out maybe? Get any debris out that may be in there but don't leave water in it? Was thinking maybe 5 gallon mix of water and rubbing alcohol, swish around, dump out, and the alcohol would make it evaporate?

Can/should I spray the tank with any type of undercoat spray, spray bedliner ytpe stuff to protect it in any way since it is down?

Bought the in line fuel filter, will replace that. I took out the fuel pump grey square relay from the box under the hood? How do I check that with a meter? What would I look for.

Well, any help is appreciated. If I could post pictures all of you would be rolling around laughing. Heck the next time some new guy in your shoup said he couldn't do something ya could show him a gimp Marine dropping a 34 gallon tank from a Dually in his wheelchair. Then tell him to get back to work LOL.

Hope all had a great holiday. Thanks again, Michael.

P.S. Funny thing is, on May 13th 1990, this is how I broke my backl, had that truck up and not secured properly, used a front end loader with a log chain over the bucket and hooked to the front frame.3 bolts left on the oil pan, hydraulics blew a gasket on the main cylynder of the loader, bucket rotated forwad, chain fell, truck fell. Lesson learned. : ) Dejavu or how ever it's spelled.

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